Welcome to our class Mythology Wiki!

You all will be contributing to constructing this wiki and creating something that can be used as a resource in the future. This is a collaborative project that will hopefully help you gain a comprehensive knowledge of mythology as well as a basic understanding of how to create and maintain a wiki.

Coeus--Titan of Knowledge
Coeus--Titan of Knowledge

Your Mission is to educate people about your topic; therefore, on your page you should include the following information:

Name of deity in Greek and Roman counterpart
· Symbol(s) of deity
· Images
· What is this deity the patron of?
· Many Greek deities are patrons of a variety of different things, but there is often a story about how/why he/she become a patron. Identify the origins of his/her patronage. How are the crafts/ideas/jobs they are associated with related to each other? In other words, think about the meaning behind his/her patronage.
· Research the craft/job/idea associated with your deity. For example, if your deity is the patron of marriage, tell us about marriage in ancient Greece.
· Tell the creation story of your deity. Who are his/her parents? Who are his/her offspring?
· Historical background of your deity. What role did he/she play in Greek life?
· Identify any associations with other cultures (other than Roman or Etruscan). Explain how/why they are connected.
· Identify any rituals associated with your deity. How do you think these rituals originated? What might be the symbolic meaning of them?
· Draw a connection between ancient Greece and the modern world. How has your deity survived to the modern day? Where do we see the remnants of this mythology? Does it appear in pop culture? Where?
· Make sure you have answered your own questions.
· Lastly, include any other anecdotes, fun facts, images, etc. that you find particularly interesting or important.
Make sure you include bibliographic information somewhere on your page (you may do this by providing links to the pages you referenced)! We need to know that your information is reliable...