The Goddess Athena

Athena,otherwise known as Minerva in Roman, the daughter of Zeus, and only by him, the goddess of Athena not being born from a woman. She was born and sprung out from Zeus's head. When born, she was an adult and fully equipped with armor. But she was not without a mother, her mother was Metis, Zeus's first wife. She is known for being a fierce and ruthless battle goddess. She is only warlike to defend her state from enemys and invaders. She is also known for being the protector of Olympus. Zeus counted her as his favorite child. He trusted her to carry his shield, buckler, and his cushing weapon the thunder bolt. The world descibed her being "gray eyed", or "flashing eyed."

Athena is just as peacfull as she is ruthless in war, and rends valuable service to mankind. She taught the people of Cyrene how to tame horses. She showed Erichthonius how to use chariots for war. She was present while Jason's companions were building the ship Argo. She invented the potter's wheel and made the first vases. But above all she excelled in woman's work. She was very good at weaving cloth and working with it. The Gods and Deities rely on her skill and it was she who made Hera's veil. She is jealous of her accomplishments and doesn't let anyone surpass her.

Athena was very kind and generous. When someone was watching her bathe, she didnt kill him or hurt him. She laid her hands over his eyes and blinded him, but gave him inward sight and the ability to understand the birds' signs to tell the future. As a result, Teiresias (that was his name) was highly respected and revered from then on. So that wasn't bad at all.

Some symbols of Athena are the Owl (wisdom) and the Dove (victory). There are many other symbols of her that can be gem stones or weapons. Athena is also the patron of Athens, she had competed with Poseidon for the patronage of Athens. He had offered the people Water, but it was salty so they could not drink it or use it. Athena on the other hand hathena_18856_lg.gifad offered them an olive tree in which they accepted because it supplied them with food, oil, and wood.

Athena is said to be associated with every cultures because there is always a symbol of war. There are many festivals, hymns, and rituals that have to do with Athena such as The Festival of Minerva and The Panathenaea Festival. They are probably to celebrate what Athena has given to the city of Athens and its people. Athena shows up in many places of the world today, as a god or a symbol of war and wisdom.