Pan God of the Wild

Pan, or Faunus/Inuus in Latin, is the god of shepherds and flocks, mountain wilds, hunting, and rustic music. he would wander around the mountains and hills of Arkadia chasing the nymphs and playing his pan-pipes. He had an unseen presence thus created panic in travelers as the passed through remote regions of the wilds. Pan was a lover of nymphs and they usually fled from him. The nymph Syrinx ran and then transformed into a clump of weeds which Pan then used to craft his pan-pipes. Pitys turned into a mountain fir which became Pan's sacred tree. The nymph Ekho faded away completely and left behind only her voice which forever repeated the mountainous cries of Pan.


Pan has the basic appearence of a faun or a satyr. He was a man with the horns, legs, and tail of a goat, and having a thick goatee like beard a snub nose and pointed ears. He would also always be seen with his panpipes. Commonly he was depicted in Dionysus' retinue along with other rustic gods.

The Death of Pan

Pan is the only greek god who died, according to the Greek historian Plutarch. The news of pan's death was spread by a sailor named Thamus. On his way to Italy a divine voice called to him and told him to proclaim that the great god Pan was dead when he reached Palodes. He did this and the news was met with many great lamentations.