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Her Roman counterpart:
is Juno.
Symbols:The peacock, cow, lilies, apple, and pomegranate
Patron: special guardian, protector, or supporter
Ancient Festival of Hera: was celebrated on Mount Cithaeron in Boeotia (in present-day central Greece).
In the festival, a wooden image dressed as a bride was carried in procession, then burnt with sacrificed animals and a wooden sacrificial altar as a symbolical meaning. We think the festival came from the love she has for Zeus.

Hera's mother was Rhea and her father, Cronus. Her status was as the wife of the king of the gods, Zeus, and that was what gave her the role of originating female goddess. In Greek mythology, Hera was the reigning female goddess of Olympus because she was Zeus's wife.
Hera and Zeus had three children together. They were Ares, Hephaestus, and Eris. Hera's job was to protect married woman and also help with childbirth.
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Hera was in the Disney's Hercules Movie she plays as the mother of Hercules due to the
reasons that the Disney characters wanted to avoid spousal jealousy,
though many cartoon versions of Hera do present spousal jealousy
though Hercules' origin is not entirely revealed.
She also is presented in the Marvel Comics as the jealous and unforgiving wife of Zeus.

Hera was also a very jealous wife because Zeus had alot of mistresses and Hera always got her revenge on them or their children. One very popular story of Hera's revenge is the story of Hercules. Zeus was very attracted to a mortal woman named Alcmene. So he went down to earth, transformed himself into Alcmene's husband and seduced her. They had a child named Hercules and he was half human, half god. When Hercules was still a baby, Hera sent two serpents to his crib to strangle him. Since Hercules was half god he took the two serpents and strangled them instead. After, when Hercules got older, he married and had three sons. Hera took revange on him, making him kill his own family. Finally, Zeus agreed that he would stay faithful to Hera and Hera never rebel again.

We see someone like Hera in murder cases of spouses all the time for cheating, unfaithfulness,and lack of committment. Her tale has survived to this modern day because she was Zeus's sibling, and wife, so when everybody new about Zeus,Hera was attached.

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