Hephaestus was the greek god of artisans, technology, blacksmiths, and volcanoes. He was the son of the gods Hera and Zeus, and was constantly trying to get them to stop bickering, and as a result was know as a peasemaker. But, this also had a sacrafice for him, as in one fight where he took Hera's side, Zeus flung him from Mt. Olympus. He flew for a full day, and his impact crippled him.

Later on, when Aphrodite was brought to Olympus, Zeus gave her to Hephaestus for marriage, as he was said to be the "steadiest of the gods". He then made her a vail that, when worn, made her iresitable, which was a mistake as she was already iresistable enough.

The God Vulcan
The God Vulcan

-The Greek name was known as hephaestus
-Hephaestus was known to the Romans as Vulcan.

-Hephaetus's symbols revovled around hammers, tounges, and anvils.
-Hephaetus also took the form of a quail, a bird.

-He was a patron of sculptors: mainly stone, marble, clay, and wood.
-Hephaetus was the patron of metal works, crafting and sculpting were very important to the ancient Greek people.
The way ancient Greeks crafted was by casting, hammering, and welding. The Greeks also learned to use
more advance forms of metal works to produce better, stronger, and larger works of art.
Not only did the Greeks use metal works for weapons and armour, they also used them for buildings, structures, ships, and jewerly.

-Hephaestus played a major roll in Greek mythology. He was said to be linked to new techological advances in military, metal works, and structures. He also played a part in making humans create new things, He was parted as god of creation.

-Hephaestus was a god to both the Greeks and The Romans but was strictly that, He was never worshiped by any other culture or religion.

-Hephaestus had little rituals, but the one main ritual was that robed men and woman would dance as the god wine, Dioysus carried the drunk Hephaestus back to Olympia. This ritual is known as the Return of Hephaestus. In addition whenever volcanos erupt they are a symbol of Heppaestus to the Greeks. These Rituals originated from when any Volcano erupted on the Greek ilses as a symbol of displeasment to the God.
The Ritual of the volcano was strictly releated to Hephaestus and no other god.

- Greece has affected our world more ways than any other culture has. The greeks set our foundation for philosphy, science, creations, warfare, politics, litature, and many more. Hephaestus still lives on not only in Greek minds but in many minds as a symbol of Creation around the world.

-Facts: unlike most Greek gods and Goddessess, Hephaestus lived most of his life in the form of a mortal on the Greek ilses.