Greek Name:Aphrodite.
Roman Name:Venus.
Scallop shell, seashells, mirrors, golden apples, the Evening Star (planet Venus), Number 5, the ocean, the triangle, dolphin, swan, dove, sparrow, bees, goats, rose (especially any fragrant rose), quince, myrtle, mint and grape (fruit, leaves, and vines), apples, laurel, ash, poplar trees, pearls, gold, aquamarine, rose quartz, jade, sapphire, silver, and copper.

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Patron:Goddess of love && beauty.
Origin: Aphrodite was born from the sea foam near Paphoa, Cyprus after Cornus cut off Ouranos' genitals and threw them into the sea.
Job: A job that is associated with Aphrodite is parties and festivities

Aphrodite was formed from the foams of the sea, so she has no parents or siblings. Aphrodite had numerous affairs and had several children as a result. The more recognizable ones are Eros(god of Love), Rhodos, Herophilus, Hermaphroditus, Priapus, and Aneas.
Aphrodite is an important part of Greek life, she represented beauty which was highly revered.
Aphrodite is associated with many cultures. She is connected with them because many cultures have something that represents beauty and love.
Many rituals have evolved that are based off Aphrodite, specifically parties.
Aphrodite's purpose has survived into the modern world. This is shown by people caring about their looks. The name has also been shown in pop culture. The "vain" vampire in The House of Night series is also named Aphrodite.